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Implementation is a complete understanding of the architecture and diverse characteristics of the implemented software.

To keep employees up to date and well-versed in the latest technology, Cybernoor offers customizable and comprehensive training packages that address customers’ learning needs. Our training services include: Applications Performance Diagnostics, Applications Performance Tuning, Writing Scalable SQL and Java Diagnostics and Tuning.

Applications Performance Tuning The Applications Performance Tuning course covers performance tuning of the Applications stack including the Client, Database, Application, and Network tiers. The course covers monitoring and tuning of the various tears including the end-user client, Application Tier including the Web server, Forms, JVM, Concurrent Manager, Workflow services, and other services including the Output Post Processor, Network, Database, etc. The course also consists of hands-on tuning lab exercises.

Java Diagnostics and Tuning The Java Diagnostics and Tuning course covers the Java platform architecture and provides extremely valuable tips and techniques to tune the Java virtual machine (JVM) as well as optimize Java based applications. The course will cover the JVM architecture and the Java object life-cycle in detail including reference types, garbage collection, caching, database connection, and thread/heap dumps.

Writing Scalable SQL The Writing Scalable SQL class covers the Cybernoor holistic methodology of coding scalable and efficient SQL as part of the Applications Development cycle. The course covers the Cybernoor methodology to help developers ensure the SQL which is written is coded optimally the first time. The course also consists of hands-on tuning lab exercises.

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